Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow Adrift (Las Vegas Mystery Book 4--prequel to Punctured)

This is where his troubles all begin.

Jim Snow’s luck has been going from bad to worse, spurred by a series of rash decisions and a quickly developing mid-life crisis. He’s a former Las Vegas Homicide Detective who quit the force a few years ago to play poker for a living and has been losing steadily for months. Now his money is running out—and so is his live-in girlfriend.

But those are the least of his problems. After one of Snow’s poker buddies—a real estate investor and landlord who worked as a clown—is found shot to death in his home following their weekly game, Snow finds himself under suspicion by his former Metro Homicide partner, Marcia Stevens.

At forty-four, Snow is in the worst mess of his life. He’s not sure what to do, who to turn to, or who to trust as he scrambles to stay one step ahead of an arrest warrant for first-degree murder.

Snow Adrift is the prequel to Punctured.

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