Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Plunge (Las Vegas Mystery Book 7)

Alice James and Jim Snow are back together working on a new case while trying to resolve their personal differences.  This investigation is focused on a recently retired jockey who was stabbed and thrown off the roof of a parking garage after an argument with his new wife, two friends, and a former NBA hellion who vehemently objected to the victim’s method of play at their blackjack table.

Nobody seemed to like the victim, causing the James & James Detective team to wonder why the barmaid of his favorite dive, a former professional bowler, would want to tie the knot with him in Vegas.

Once it’s discovered the victim planned to write his memoir, supposedly containing an expose of the chicanery going on at a disreputable race track in Bakersfield—Alice and Snow are driven to get to the bottom of it.